Calm the storm



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  1. Very good quote. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for “liking” my post “In Search for Happiness”. I think what we should be aiming at is “Tranquillity”. “Happiness” is a relative term. Your picture with the quote of “Calming the Storm” seems to be right.


    • Interesting! I like your thought on “tranquility,” although I’ve never seen anyone bursting into laughter from sheer “tranquility,” so “happiness” (or even “joy”) is definitely a front-running goal of mine. What are your thoughts on tranquility also being relative?

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  3. You are right, “tranquillity” is no laughing matter. It is more a condition sustained over a longer period of ups and downs. Within that tranquillity we have periods of sheer joy ( is that what you want?) but also periods of sadness and grief. It allows us to cope with life, even if we are not happy.

    The ancient Greeks believed one could not say one was happy until the end of one’s life. The aim of the stoics is to achieve ‘tranquillity”. Marcus Aurelius said that we should be calm even in the midst of a battle. There is calm at the centre of a storm (hurricane).

    “Happiness” is not so easy to define, it is fleeting and also in the eye of the beholder. People often define it what they want and not have yet. Not achieving leads to unhappiness. “Tranquillity” can be achieved with not having anything.

    Thank you for your comment and the challenge to explain myself. This form of communication (over the net) is a great way to learn and define oneself. I’m “happy” to have this opportunity so late in my life.

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