I will break down hurtful connotations

I took a big leap of faith yesterday and posted this to my Facebook, in order to share with as many fellow Virginia Tech alum, friends and family as possible. I wanted to share here, as well, in order to continue in my mission to begin conversations and de-stigmatize therapy in our society.

I’ve gone back and forth in the last 24 hours feeling proud of the decision to post this and nervous that people will judge me, either for needing to go to counseling because there’s “something wrong with me” or judging me for blabbing about it. But that’s the whole point of posting it, I want to raise awareness for everyday happy people that choose to be in therapy and want it to be accepted as easily as it’s accepted that a person goes to the doctor when they have a broken leg. If I have found this wonderful thing in counseling and healing but never tell anyone, then I’m not really doing it the service it deserves.

“Exactly 366 days ago I had a series of severe panic attacks because of the anniversary of April 16th. Since then I’ve promised I would let myself stay quiet today, off of social media, and keep busy to push away my anxiety and the heartbreak I feel for my Virginia Tech family. But, someone upstairs seems to have other ideas… Every month or so it becomes increasingly apparent the love I can share with people even in my own small world by being bold in breaking down outdated and hurtful connotations about seeking counseling, healing and mental health.

So many times when I’ve brought up my own counseling with someone, they have opened up about wanting to seek the same for themselves. I think this is amazing. I want to further normalize the subject and live out what I mean when I say that I want people to quit feeding the vicious cycle of making the topic of therapy taboo. I want to give another voice to “normal people” (whatever that means) in counseling, so I’ll be brave here on my most public platform:

I go to counseling every single week.

Thankfully this past year has been one of the best years of my life (although a lot of hard work) and I couldn’t be happier with the path I’m on to being healed and healthy. But, I said this last year and I’ll say it again today…

For any Hokies out there who aren’t feeling ok: I love you, you’re going to be ok, and we are a family forever, you are never alone. For the rest of our lives, Ut Prosim.”



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  1. This is very brave! Thanks for showing love to my post, as well.

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  2. God bless you in your healing process – His healing balm WILL bring you through it all! I know, ‘been there, done that’ – He is ever faithful.


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